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Glerg The Great

Glerg The Great


Glerg the Great is here to take over the world. He knows how wonderful he is and is confident that he will be a benevolent dictator.  If the peons of the world just bow to his greatness. Glerg grew weary of living underground and longed for the fresh air of the world above. Which he believes is his birthright. So give Glerg a sunny spot in your home with lots of fresh air and maybe he will be that benevolent dictator. 


He was lovingly hand crafted and is a one of a kind work of functional art. Drink from a sculpture all the cool kids are doing it. 

  • Care Instructions

    All work is functional, dishwasher and microwave safe unless specified. However would you run your Ferrari through the gas station car wash? It's best to hand wash as it won't be broken by some misplaced plate. 

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