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How to celebrate a wedding anniversary, the dirty hairy potter way.

Let me start of by saying I am a lucky guy, a very lucky guy. Why do I say that? Because 11 years ago I some how convinced an amazing woman who was way out of my league to marry me.

Now at that time I was not the dirty, hairy potter that you have come to know and love (or hate, it’s all good.) I was just kinda hairy and not really art making at all. Yes I was teaching, but I had gotten tired of making and lost the drive to create. I believe it happens to all artists at some point. The stressors we put upon ourselves are enough to put out the fire.

So 11 years ago I became a lucky, lucky man. I got that some one who believed in me and still believes in me. Who reassures me when I’m not sure of myself and who accepts me faults and all. Her love and support has tempered my soul, it lets me take comfort in who I am and pushes me to be better a person.

And how does a dirty, hairy, potter celebrate? He spends the week photographing work and updating his website. All to offer up his works for sale so he can keep making her smile. Oh and he takes her out for Thai food and gives her a big, sharp knife.

Celebrate your loves and be kind to one another and I’ll see ya cool cats on the flip side.


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