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Hand shaping clay on the wheel
Artist working on a clay sculpture
Artist looking at a Rodin Sculpture


 I am a just a dirty hairy potter the piney woods of south Mississippi. Now that is out of the way down to the nitty gritty.

I earned a BFA in Sculpture form the University of Southern Mississsipp and also a Masters of Education. I put both of those degrees to work showing high school students the wonders of art. 

I have always been drawn to the worn, the old, the soon to be replaced found in life. These things that served purpose but are no longer desired. The layers breaking down, showing through, being reborn even as they age and wear away. 

Clay has a history of serving purpose of holding firm against wear until broken. It is the canvas with the physical properties that allow me to create my visions of dystopian future days and speak my truth. Many of the techniques I utilize are also rooted in that same purpose serving life, until being replaced by the new. I take heart in knowing that my pieces will serve a purpose until they don't and they too will be replaced by the new. 

My work can be purchased here at my online store, found in the Ohr Okeefe Museum of Art Gift shop is Biloxi, Ms and at the Local Creatives Gallery located inside the Mary C O’Keefe center in Ocean Springs, Ms. 


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