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Potter gets a pedicure and other random musings.

Some days you get surprised by a request, "Honey, I want to take you for a pedicure and a manicure"

What????? Um so um, how do I respond. "Yes my dear beautiful bride, I will go with you."

So here is a little background on why this is a surprise request, I'm a big ole guy who has never had one, never, ever, never, ever. I'm just a dirty ole hairy potter, clay under the nails, rough, tough asphalt walking feet. You know the typical not pedicure guy. However when my gorgeous, loving, understanding, sweet wife asks something of me I just can't seem to say no, especially since it was an anniversary request.

So off we go to the nail spa, a typical place in a random strip mall. Where the whole world proceeds to see a big wholly bear of a man giggle like a little school girl as his feet are touched for the very first time. Ok so it was like 5 employees and my wife but still it seemed like the whole world. Apparently my feet are highly ticklish, something I did not know and now wish my wife did not know, as I have to be careful or she leaps out from the shadows with a feather to attack my defenseless toesies. It was a quite interesting experience to see my paws getting all clean and soft, so much so I know I'll be enduring another bout of tickle attack in public at the bequest of my wife. OK so maybe I'll request it next time.

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