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Hey, What's going on??? Or what makes a reel popular?

Sometime around the summer of 1993 I was watching MTV and this catchy chorus caught my ear and wiggled deep into my brain. So many years later and I'm still wondering what's going on?

What brought about this recent questioning is social media and what makes people latch on to some video or meme. I began wondering this since a video of mine has taken off again and is now approaching 400 thousand views on Facebook. Which I know in the world of social media stats isn't that great but for someone whose most viewed video next to that is 2000 it's a pretty big deal. When it hit 250k earlier this week I was shocked, now I'm just confused. I mean just what makes a reel popular?

A little back drop on the video, it's short 90 second thing that starts with dunking a clown cup in a bucket of glaze, shows the clown cups in front of a gray background and ends with pictures of me petting a squirrel, all to a monologue by Abraham Hicks. I put it together while sweating at an outdoor art show and had no customers around. The whole thing took maybe 3 minutes, including uploading it to instagram. Nothing flashy, nothing special, just randomness stitched together, like a quilt from the cutting room floor.

This is what leads me to the what's going on part? Why did this resonate with people that they had to view it so many times? Was it the squirrel? My awesome beard? The clown cups? what is it? My curiosity has gotten the better of me and I need answers.

Oh did I forget to mention the comments? I mean I knew trolls lived on the Internet and I've done my best to avoid them and avoid becoming them, but damn. Most comments fall into the "wow" and "cool" category but then there are those few, those special few where I wonder how can that person have so much anger and hate. Is their life so bad that a video espousing doing things to be happy, while showing a clown cup and a bearded guy petting a squirrel makes them lash out with "the world hates you and you are garbage" If so I really feel for those people, they should go touch some grass and pet a squirrel. Maybe they are just jealous that they don't get to pet squirrels? who knows, but that is why I ask the question.

I will say I'm thrilled so many people have watched that silly video and am ecstatic that it may have brought a minute of random joy to lives. Thank you to all who began following me on social media because of the video and to those who felt so inclined to add my work to their life because of it a double thank you for your support.

It's at this point where I should go and try to make another video that replicates the popularity of this one, but I know I can't and life is to short to spend much more than 10 minutes writing an inane blog post about it.

Just remember when given the chance pet the squirrel.


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