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Soda, not just for drinking.

Two years ago I became fascinated with the atmospheric firing style known as soda firing. So I bought a large kiln from a pottery studio that was going out of business and started to research the wide colorful world of soda. When o bought the kiln I thought I was going to have that bad boy built in a month and be firing to my hearts content. What I didn't realize was that life would keep me from doing just that by tossing up roadblocks and mental hurdles.

So the kiln still sits in bricks on my trailer, but I have been able to chase the soda dragon on a small scale. I took an old electric kiln that was just chilling and being a spider hide out and cut some holes into it. I call it my convert. The convert has given me a number of good firing but is now on its last leg due to the corrosive nature of soda on soft bricks that make up electric kilns. So I present what may be one of the last pieces out for the convert and my foray back into sgraffito , possumrat growler. Now to figure out how to make those dang ole wire bales for flip top lids.

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