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Lessons learned.

Ah the kiln school of hard knocks. Every kiln firing is a learning situation, whether it's how to fire it more efficiently or where to place items on the kiln for the best effects or as in this case how to apply glaze.

The first picture shows a beautiful combination of glazes, when I saw it I was ecstatic, then I saw the foot and how it was firmly glued to the shelf. Sigh. Lesson learned, next time I will apply the glaze thinner and leave a greater amount of matte glaze at the bottom to help halt the advance of the tenmoku.

The second picture shows a carbon trap shino that doesn't do anything for me and shows the tell tale sign of being applied to heavy. Next time thinner glaze application and maybe another spot in the kiln to get that carbon trapping.

So two lessons learned and here is a third one, practice patience.

Always learning.


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