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Keep it clean.

When I started tossing mud around again a few years ago I just would kind of place a towel over my lap and go to town. When I was finished my shirt was covered with slop and so were my pants, and thats how things went, lots of washing.

I got better at what I do and I ended up with less and less on me but my clothes were still getting covered and having to visit the washing machine as soon as studio time was done. This was ok but clay following me into the house and mucking up the place was just getting to old.

Enter instagram and a post from a good friend which lead me to drooling over these awesome heavy duty, manly aprons by Knife and Flag. So since it was getting close to my birthday, like 6 months away I told my beautiful bride about it. Which in and of itself is a miracle because I never want nor wish for anything and she is always having to pull my teeth to get me to give her a clue of what to get me. That is where I left it, a simple text message of this is cool I'd like one.

Well lo and behold imagine my surprise when my birthday rolls around and I open a box with this fantastic piece of pottery equipment. That was back in July and while it took me a couple of weeks to get into the habit of putting it on when I sit down to work I am in heaven. This was taken today after I gave it a good wash and scrub, now it is all clean and ready for another 3 months of duty keeping my clothes clean and making me look all fresh and so clean clean. Go check them out if you are looking for an awesome work apron

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