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Here is to health, gym musings around the studio.

Six months ago I started going to the gym. I finally had enough of feeling bad, not liking what I saw in the mirror, having to take meds for my blood pressure and I wanted to eat cake. Those 6 months have resulted me in being the healthiest I have been in 10 years. Blood pressure is down to normal, weight is slowly coming off, muscles are actually appearing and I can work in the studio for 8 hours and not blink an eye. All because I go to that damn torture chamber. I also know I will have to keep doing this until they toss me over board the last time for my burial at sea.

What's this gym talk got to do with pots? Everything. I am hypercritical about my work, and am always challenging myself to do better, make work that is technically and artistically phenomenal. While I still don't think I'm there and really don't think I every will get there I know my work now is better than it was yesterday and my work tomorrow will be better than it is today. All because I make day in and day out.

Making art is just like working out the more you do it the better you get, rinse and repeat. So get out there, make art, make strides at the gym do what makes you you, just make. Eventually you will make it.

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