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Potter caught on camera

Ah the camera, it adds ten pounds to you, judges you and keeps blinking its red eye at you. 

It’s summer time and I finally have a chance to breathe after a long stressful semester of teaching teenagers art. So what does an art teacher do on summer vacation? Make videos to teach people the ways of a dirty hairy potter. Wait??? What?? Why??

Well I love teaching, showing people how to do things is just in my blood. It also keeps me on my toes, by showing how I do things it means they now have the keys to the castle. And if I don’t want them to take over I have to build a new castle. So it puts a pressure on me to keep growing, innovating and being creative. It helps to keep my work fresh and the ideas from becoming stale and overdone.  

So go check out my YouTube channel and let me know what you think. I’ll be uploading videos as I create new work and content throughout the summer. Christian Baileys videos of wonder

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